Hello world, WriteFreely

Hello and welcome to miniblog by Gytis Repečka! While I run my main blog at gyt.is which is powered by WordPress, this is my second federated platform (after mastodon.lt) which I installed to join fediverse.

You might as well notice domain – fedi.dev is shortened version of “fediverse”. Well, I actually scored fediverse.dev too as soon as .dev top level domain became available in February 28th.

Stay tuned for more content (I'm still learning markdown)!

My name is Gytis Repečka, I am Data Engineer currently working with PostgreSQL and Linux infrastructure on AWS cloud. Writing code in SQL, Go and Bash. Experienced data professional (Teradata, Informatica) with focus on Inmon's data warehousing architecture (10 years). I enjoy using, promoting and contributing to open source software and love communicating about tech to both advanced and non-tech people. Mention me @gytis@mastodon.lt on Mastodon.