Data driven everything

With dramatic rise of #data driven businesses and processes, I see there is a lot of misguided and misleading information spread around, which leads to bad tooling and even enterprise #architecture decisions afterwards.

This is no surprise since IT is constantly perceived as industry not requiring formal education, influenced by strong marketing from vendors and overall buzzword-driven environment. In #tech that deals with data, academic #science is more important than anything. Start with fundamentals, rely on trustworthy sources. Some recommendations below in comments.

Excellent book to start data journey with (great basics, definitions and rich references): SQL & NoSQL Databases: Models, Languages, Consistency Options and Architectures for Big Data Management by Meier, Kaufmann.

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My name is Gytis Repečka, I am Solution Architect focusing on Data Vault automation. Experienced data professional with over 10 years of experience designing and implementing Data Warehouse solutions based on Teradata, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Data Integrator, PostgreSQL, AWS. I enjoy using, promoting and contributing to open source software and love communicating about tech to both advanced and non-tech people. Visit Inretio for consulting services. Mention me on Mastodon.