About Fedi.dev instance

Fedi.dev is federated minimalistic blogging platform run by Lithuanian software engineer Gytis Repečka.

This platform is my public notebook and posts from here might end up as full-featured posts on my blog which also federates @gytis@blog.gyt.is.

Follow me on Mastodon: @gytis@mastodon.lt and watch my videos on my PeerTube instance @gytis@videotape.me.

Get to know more about federation and see full list of my handles at fediverse.dev.

Fedi.dev is home to 18 articles across 4 blogs.

About WriteFreely

WriteFreely is a self-hosted, decentralized blogging platform for publishing beautiful, simple blogs.

It lets you publish a single blog, or host a community of writers who can create multiple blogs under one account. You can also enable federation, which allows people in the fediverse to follow your blog, bookmark your posts, and share them with others.